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Statista Japan appoints Kento Sugii as Country Manager, paving the way for Sales growth and enhanced Client Relations

In his new capacity as the Country Manager for Statista Japan, Kento Sugii embarks on an exciting and pivotal chapter in his career journey. His primary focus lies in propelling sales growth...


Kit Foong takes the reins as Vice President of Sales Asia, driving growth and client retention at Statista

Assuming the position of Vice President of Sales Asia at Statista on July 1st, Kit Foong will oversee the commercial operations for the Asia-Pacific region for Statista. With a strong focus on...


Unveiling the Influence: Statista’s new Trend Report explores how the Russia-Ukraine war shapes public opinion...

Starting in February 2022, the Russia-Ukraine war had a profound global impact. It raised security concerns, transformed public sentiment, news agendas, and social media content. Statista's report...

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